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Spotlight - I Am For the Child

We see news stories every day about children who are taken from an abusive home, or become “wards of the state” because of the tragic loss of a parent.
But what happens to those children?
They become “our” responsibility. They become part of a system of judges and foster homes and social workers that try desperately to find a safe living situation for each child.  
But with 660,000 active cases every year, the system simply cannot provide what each individual child needs. In some courtrooms a judge can see 20 or 30 cases of child abuse and neglect before her Monday lunch break. There are too many stories of young children that are bounced around to eight or ten group homes over the course of just a couple years. Too many stories of a young girl separated from her brothers and sisters during the most vulnerable time her life. Too many stories of a boy left to fend for himself at the age of 18, because he’s been “aged out” of the system.
But these stories can have a happy ending.
As a volunteer you can be part of a network of committed people from all walks of life who believe society has a fundamental obligation to these children. We are trained volunteers, appointed by judges to advocate for each child—to make sure their basic rights and essential needs don’t get overlooked or ignored by the system. A CASA volunteer can dramatically cut the amount of time a child spends in foster care, and help each child find a safe, loving permanent home.

These stories can have a happy ending, because of people like you!

I am for the child...

“"Keeping children safe must be everybody's business. CASA volunteers play a unique role on behalf of some of our most vulnerable children. Their commitment, vigilance and persistence offer hope where there has been little. They help to light the way for these children—and for all of us."”
Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President, Children's Defense Fund

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