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CASA Volunteers

Our volunteers make a huge impact in the life of children! If you are interested if becoming a CASA volunteer, talk to any of the people listed below or contact us directly. You can also contact Cathy McDowell, CASA Program Director, via her email. See our Become a Volunteer page to learn more. 

  • Glenda Fletcher
  • Diane Pollmann
  • Kellie Soden
  • Kenny Meyers
  • Lisa Ellicott
  • Joni Unger
  • George Young
  • Heidi Wheeler
  • Patty Keene
  • Patricia Unger
  • Jacci Brown
  • Linda Graff
  • Marilyn Hoyt
  • Micheal Langley
  • Stacey Porter
  • Amanda Huxoll
  • Leah Ruggles
  • Samantha Reichert

I am for the child...

““CASA volunteers help children by giving them that adult voice that wants what’s best for the child. Someone that has no motivation for anything other than what is best for the child.””
Jacci Brown, CASA Volunteer

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